Sleep Apnea

Do you snore? Wake up not feeling rested? Does a sleeping partner say you gasp for air or sound like you are choking when you sleep? You may have sleep apnea. One reason for sleep apnea is a restricted airway due to the tongue falling back. If you cannot wear a C-PAP machine, there are oral appliances that can be made to hold your lower jaw forward, opening your airway.

  1. What is sleep apnea?
    1. Dangers of sleep apnea are that it increases your risk for heart attacks and strokes because oxygen does not get to these areas when airway is closed off
    2. Increased risk for falling asleep at wheel and car accidents
    3. Ask your physician or dentist to screen you today!
  2. Learn about dental role in managing sleep apnea.
  3. Sleep apnea and oral health links