Need a Dentist?

This page serves to connect you to a dental home in Muskegon county. If you still are struggling finding care, please send a message through the contact tab of this page. We can assist you in finding a dental home. 

  • Insurance: If you have dental insurance, but you are unsure what dentists in Muskegon take your plan click here to do a search by insurance company. This also includes plans through the state of Michigan- Healthy Michigan Delta plans.

  • Need Insurance: In need of dental services, this link helps to guide you through the steps you need to obtain dental insurance.

  • Medicaid or No Insurance: Do you have a plan through the State of Michigan- click here to see what dental offices in town take your plan. Muskegon also has options for assistance if you do not have insurance.

  • Special Needs: Struggling to find services for a family member with a developmental or physical disability- check out the links to find the best care for them.

  • Veterans & Donated Dental Services: If you have served in the military, click here to find if you qualify for VA dental insurance. There are also multiple programs through the State of Michigan that provide free dental care.