Dental Concerns


We hope that this section will provide answers to your dental health questions and concerns. The links below provide greater details into dental problems that may be causing you sensitivity, discomfort, or pain. Most dental problems are preventable when you have a good relationship with your dentist and have good home care. Learn more below!

Dental Infections – Do not leave dental infections untreated. The infection can become systemic, traveling in your bloodstream to other organs  such as the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Dental Pain – Use the symptom tracker to determine what could be causing your dental plan.

Tobacco and Oral Health – Tobacco has negative consequences for your oral health. One consequence is an increased risk for gum disease, causing the bone around your teeth to break down. Learn more about the other affects and tips on quitting.

How to prevent dental problems? – We are focused on prevention of tooth decay, gum disease, and pain. Learn more on what you can do at home to prevent problems in the future!